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"Norma" is a legal magazine which sets high goals: to respond to the needs of all members of the legal profession for thorough, well-grounded and up-to-date legal statements on significant legal issues.

Editorial staff:

Assoc. Prof. Ivan Todorov, PhD

Prof. Darina Zinovieva, PhD

Nataliya Kyoseva

Marusiya Batzieva

They have the task to review the texts sent for publication in order to judge their quality and decide whether they are good enough to be published. In other words, we have formed a professional team, ensuring the quality of our magazine’s contents and guaranteeing that the articles published are written in a thorough, accurate and complete manner.

So, we laid the foundations of a magazine aiming at being a reading matter which is appropriate, accessible and irreplaceable for jurists. That is why, our magazine is distributed in two forms: as an electronic magazine and as a product of Law Information System CIELA.

It should be noted that "Norma" magazine is a product of Ciela Norma AD: a company uniting Norma AD - one of the first software companies in Bulgaria, which created the first law information system containing Bulgarian legislation - and Ciela soft and publishing AD – founded in 1991 as a consultancy company and a publishing house of major legal editions, and now a leading publisher and developer of information systems in the sphere of law.

What we are trying to do in this magazine is not to publish theoretical studies, but to provide information on recent legislative amendments, important court judgments and cases, discussions on significant and frequently asked questions on legal issues and initial legal knowledge in its entirety – the basis of being a good jurist.

The first edition of the magazine was published on 01.12.2011. Since we are not bound by stereotypes, we would like to offer something new and different. The purpose of the magazine is to respond to the needs of all members of the legal profession to maintain and enhance their knowledge and vocational skills. On the other hand, the magazine aims at focusing on practice and professional experience in attempt to break loose from typical theoretical postulates and to view theory in the light of real-life jurisdiction.

In the magazine we provide a field of expression to both acknowledged professionals, magistrates, attorneys-at-law and young authors with a Degree in Law. Thus we expect to provide a variety of different subjects and theories.


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