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If you want to write in a magazine Norma, you can do this for free if you have a legal education and your article is approved for publication by the Editorial Board of the magazine.

Texts in all sections of the magazine are the property of their authors and are published only with their consent. The authors are responsible for solving the issues of copyright in the case of previous publications of this text in terms of their other publishers.


In the magazine published topics of civil, criminal and public sciences. Articles should express reasoned opinions, to include a reference to legislation, case law, scientific papers and more. They will be judged in terms of their completeness, relevance, validity, novelty and practical applicability.

The volume of an article should not exceed 15 standard pages of 1800 characters.


• Subject: Times New Roman, size 14, Bold, Centered, Caps Lock;

• Name and surname - Times New Roman, size 12, Italic, Centered;

• Abstract of the Bulgarian language - from 100 to 150 words, Times New Roman, size 12, Italic;

• Abstract in English - from 100 to 150 words, Times New Roman, size 12, Italic;

• Keywords - not more than 10, Times New Roman, size 12;

• Text of the material - Times New Roman, size 12, Regular, Justified, First Line 1,27cm

• Literature - Times New Roman, size 10, Regular, Justified, First Line 1,27cm.

• Brief presentation of the author / authors - institution, position, contact information - Times New Roman, size 10.

Sent materials should be paginated. Each material must be accompanied by an annotation of Bulgarian and at the request of the author and in English. Under the heading of the article must be received information about the author: full name, academic title, position.

The citation:

When citing authors have to fulfill requirements established by BDS17377-96.

The article in place of the reference index is placed 1, 2, 3 etc.

Authors should outsource quoted in the article works in footnotes, subject to the following rules:

1. Cite periodical publications: the description must include the following mandatory elements: Author; Corporate author; Title; Defining characteristics, some types of publications; Tom; Series; Place of publication; Year of issue.

Example: Lazarov K. Todorov, I. Administrative Process, C .: Ciela, 2009

2. Cite periodic publications: the description includes the following elements: Title; Source; Number and year; Place of publication; Year of issue; Number.

Example: Radanov, Valerie. Again silent administrative acts. - Magazine. Contemporary Law, No. 4, 2011

3. Cite electronic media and web addresses: must include the names of the authors, title of the material (in quotes), the title of the whole work, date of publication, address of the source (in triangular brackets <>), date of access ( in parentheses).

Example: Peter J. Bryant, "The Age of Mammals." in Biodiversity and Conservation, April 1999, (11 May 1999).

4. Where reference is only a specific page number before she writes "with." (Eg. A. 99), and provided the Latin "p.". When citing more than one consecutive pages - then the numbers before them not be written "with." (Eg. 7-36).

5. In row (second and subsequent) references already quoted text instead of title write "op. Cit." (Of lat. - Op. Cit.). For example: Stalev, G. op. cit., p. 51.

If the same text cited two or more times in a row notes, wrote to "Ibid." For example: Ibid, p. 38.

When cited in the text is not the original, but by another work, write "op. At"


Articles send to our e-mail: norma@ciela.com.

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